down down  /ˈdaʊn/


  1. (n) soft fine feathers
  2. (n) (American football) a complete play to advance the football
  3. (n) English physician who first described Down's syndrome (1828-1896)
  4. (n) (usually plural) a rolling treeless highland with little soil
  5. (n) fine soft dense hair (as the fine short hair of cattle or deer or the wool of sheep or the undercoat of certain dogs)
  6. (v) drink down entirely
  7. (v) eat immoderately
  8. (v) bring down or defeat (an opponent)
  9. (v) shoot at and force to come down
  10. (v) cause to come or go down
  11. (v) improve or perfect by pruning or polishing
  12. (adj) being or moving lower in position or less in some value
  13. (adj) extending or moving from a higher to a lower place
  14. (adj) becoming progressively lower
  15. (adj) being put out by a strikeout
  16. (adj) understood perfectly
  17. (adj) lower than previously
  18. (adj) shut
  19. (adj) not functioning (temporarily or permanently)
  20. (adj) filled with melancholy and despondency
  21. (adv) spatially or metaphorically from a higher to a lower level or position
  22. (adv) away from a more central or a more northerly place
  23. (adv) paid in cash at time of purchase
  24. (adv) from an earlier time
  25. (adv) to a lower intensity
  26. (adv) in an inactive or inoperative state



Derived Word(s)


  1. Markets are down in early trading this morning, and you get the feeling that this might not be a terrific week.
  2. What raw milk fans most resent is stepped-up efforts to crack down on a personal choice that wasn't doing anyone else any harm.
  3. Ever since a Soviet fighter plane shot down Korean Air Lines Flight 007 in September 1983, there have been numerous theories about the events that led to the attack.


  1. Thumbs Down

    Opinion Thumbs Down Thumbs down to the City of Grand Haven’s insurance provider ... Jun 12, 2013 ... for not paying for the $200,000 dune fix after the water pipe blowout atop Water Tank Hill at Mulligan’s Hollow. Isn’t this what we pay insurance for? See the Tribune Opinion page for your daily dose of our Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down! (function() { var params = { id: "add9bbeb-27d9-457b-a84b ...
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Grand Haven Tribune

  2. Ratings down slightly for Game 3 of NBA Finals

    Ratings for Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Monday night were down 4 percent from the previous year, but it still was the most-watched programming in prime time, according to Nielsen.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: The SportsXchange via Yahoo! Sports

  3. Oil price down slightly on lower demand forecast

    The price of oil was down slightly but remained above $95 a barrel Wednesday as experts said global demand for crude would be slightly lower than previously expected. By early afternoon in Europe, benchmark ...
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  1. "As if shoving a trillion-dollar government takeover of healthcare down the throat of a disapproving American public wasn't enough, apparently the Obama administration intends to arrogantly circumvent the American people yet again by...
    on Jul 6, 2010 By: Mitch McConnell Source: Los Angeles Times

  2. "It's incredible, it's been a long time," said Cavendish of his stage win. "Yesterday wasn't that great for us. I let the guys down."
    on Jul 8, 2010 By: Mark Cavendish Source: The Associated Press

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