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  • n  an abstract idea of that which is due to a person or governmental body by law or tradition or nature; it is something that nobody can take away"
    Certain rights can never be granted to the government but must be kept in the hands of the people"- Eleanor Roosevelt
    a right is not something that somebody gives you
  • n  location near or direction toward the right side; i.e. the side to the south when a person or object faces east
    he stood on the right
  • n  the piece of ground in the outfield on the catcher's right
  • n  those who support political or social or economic conservatism; those who believe that things are better left unchanged
  • n  the hand that is on the right side of the body
    he writes with his right hand but pitches with his left
    hit him with quick rights to the body
  • n  a turn toward the side of the body that is on the south when the person is facing east
    take a right at the corner
  • n  anything in accord with principles of justice
    he feels he is in the right
    the rightfulness of his claim
  • n  (frequently plural) the interest possessed by law or custom in some intangible thing
    mineral rights
    film rights
  • v  make reparations or amends for
    right a wrongs done to the victims of the Holocaust
  • v  put in or restore to an upright position
    They righted the sailboat that had capsized
  • v  regain an upright or proper position
    The capsized boat righted again
  • v  make right or correct
  • a  being or located on or directed toward the side of the body to the east when facing north
    my right hand
    right center field
    a right-hand turn
    the right bank of a river is the bank on your right side when you are facing downstream
  • a  free from error; especially conforming to fact or truth
    the right answer
    took the right road
    the right decision
  • s  socially right or correct
    it isn't right to leave the party without saying goodbye
  • a  in conformance with justice or law or morality
    do the right thing and confess
  • a  correct in opinion or judgment
    time proved him right
  • s  appropriate for a condition or purpose or occasion or a person's character, needs
    the right man for the job
  • a  of or belonging to the political or intellectual right
  • s  in or into a satisfactory condition
    things are right again now
    put things right
  • s  intended for the right hand
    a right-hand glove
  • s  in accord with accepted standards of usage or procedure
    what's the right word for this?
    the right way to open oysters
  • s  having the axis perpendicular to the base
    a right angle
  • s  (of the side of cloth or clothing) facing or intended to face outward
    the right side of the cloth showed the pattern
    be sure your shirt is right side out
  • s  most suitable or right for a particular purpose
    the right time to act
  • s  precisely accurate
  • r  precisely, exactly
    stand right here!
  • r  immediately
    she called right after dinner
  • r  exactly
  • r  toward or on the right; also used figuratively
    he looked right and left
    the party has moved right
  • r  in the right manner
  • r  an interjection expressing agreement
  • r  completely
    she felt right at home
    he fell right into the trap
  • r  (Southern regional intensive) very; to a great degree
    they have a right nice place
  • r  in accordance with moral or social standards
    that serves him right
    do right by him
  • r  in an accurate manner
    he guessed right

  • In California, a Field poll last April found 70% of residents agreeing that "incurably ill patients have the right to ask for and get life-ending medication.
  • The right tried at one point to organize this way, failed, and started work on a new strategy, one that operated on the premise that without an indigenous media there can be no .
  • Analysis: By awarding the contract for the next-generation Orion space vehicle to Lockheed Martin, NASA finally got something right.
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  • Dan Gilbert in FOXNews
    The self-declared former 'King' will be taking the 'curse' with him down south,Gilbert wrote of Cleveland's so-called curse against winning sports championships. "And until he does 'right' by Cleveland and Ohio, James (and the town where...
  • Barack Obama in Financial Times
    Mr Obama added: "War is bigger than any one man or woman, whether a private, a general or a president. And as difficult as it is to lose General McChrystal, I believe that it is the right decision for our national security."
  • Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero in The Associated Press
    I am concerned about the octopus,Zapatero said. "I'm thinking about sending in a team to protect the octopus because obviously it was very spectacular that he should get Spain's victory right from there."

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