Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an Online American English Dictionary with intuitive browsing interface. The dictionary has very useful other features like, full definition, audio, IPA and spelled phonetics, usages, automatic spelling suggestion and personalization. Searched words can be added to one's own word list which can be played/viewed as a flash card.

There are hundreds, even, thousands of online American English dictionaries. What is so special about

Each of the features listed in the answer to Question 1, make a very powerful and intuitive dictionary to use. Look up meanings of a few words in and you will then appreciate the difference.

I noticed that one of the words is showing wrong meaning/sense/usage? Is there a reporting procedure to your editorial board about such anomalies?

Most meanings/definitions are based on definitions given by Wordnet 3.0 of Princeton University. Years of research has gone into making this dictionary. We have taken great care in mapping correct meanings for each word. It is possible, however small the chance, that one odd mistake may have slipped through . We would be grateful if you can let us know such error through our contact page.

One of the words is pronounced incorrectly. Where can I report?

Many English words are pronounced differently in different geographical regions. We have chosen American pronunciation for the words in this dictionary. Please report the word, along with the pronunciation you think is incorrect, through our contact page.

I want to use the definition/usage given in BeeDictionary, in my writing. Do I need to take permission?

Permission is granted for personal, educational or non-commercial purpose,. You need to acknowledge the source (through a link, if it is on web) though.

I am an English teacher. Can I use contents from your website to teach my students meanings/definitions, pronunciations and correct usages?

Yes. You are however requested to acknowledge the source.