nettled nettled  /ˈnɛ təld/


  • (adj) aroused to impatience or anger


  1. His pugnacious cowhide radicalism nettled patrician Senators, and in a close election contest in 1924 the Senate chose to seat his opponent.
  2. At least one conservative politician in Germany, perhaps looking for payback after decades of being nettled by Grass, has called for his Nobel Prize to be rescinded.
  3. For Russia remains deeply nettled with Nasser for his inept military performance and his cocky determination to accept only hardware, not advice, from Moscow.


  • Festival of Sharing Roots brings people together

    PITTSFIELD -- A couple of clowns were hanging around St. Joseph Church's Festival of Sharing Roots on Sunday, laughing and acting goofy. Their names were Peachy and Stickers. They pledged not to reveal their real names, but a reporter wrangled it out of them: Peachy was Angela Harding, Stickers was her older sister, Rita Laviolette. "We are not, sir, ‘just clowns,' " said Stickers, a tad nettled ...
    on September 9, 2013     Source: Berkshire Eagle

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