cockeyed cockeyed  /ˈkɑ ˌkaɪd/


  1. (adj) turned or twisted toward one side
  2. (adj) incongruous;inviting ridicule
  3. (adj) very drunk


  • At 90, he cards another in Pelham

    After Methuen High Athletic Hall of Famer and longtime golfer Bucky Boehm, 90, had a cataract repaired a few years, he called his doctor to tell him that he might have put the first synthetic lens in cockeyed. "Would you mean?" the doctor replied. "W
    on July 8, 2013     Source: The Daily News of Newburyport


  1. "I didn't really see any books around that dealt with Barack Obama and his election with the same point of view," Grier said. "It's a more cockeyed view of that whole event, buy celebrex. Armour cheap, There are very sentimental parts, but...
    on Jul 7, 2010 By: David Alan Grier Source: Toledo Free Press

  2. "After George W Bush was elected we became the party of big government," said Mr Steele. "It's anathema to grow government by 40 per cent, as we have, and to grow a $10 trillion deficit, as we have. No wonder people look at us cockeyed now...
    on Oct 29, 2008 By: Michael Steele Source:

  3. "Her phrasing on 'Cockeyed Optimist' is better than anyone's, including [original Broadway cast member] Mary Martin," Sher said. "It's always done like saluting the flag, big and cheery - well, nobody was optimistic in 1942; it was wartime....
    on Jun 15, 2010 By: Bartlett Sher Source: Los Angeles Times

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