modeling modeling  /ˈmɑ də lɪŋ/


  1. (n) sculpture produced by molding
  2. (n) a preliminary sculpture in wax or clay from which a finished work can be copied
  3. (n) the act of representing something (usually on a smaller scale)


  1. The faces and fees are fabulous With lots of blusher but no shame, the peacock profession of modeling gives face and body to our covetous dreams, then mocks us as we press.
  2. Homegrown modeling agencies in China are blooming as well.


  1. CASL milestone validates reactor model using TVA data

    Today, the Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (CASL) announced that its scientists have successfully completed the first full-scale simulation of an operating nuclear reactor. CASL is modeling nuclear reactors on supercomputers to help researchers better understand reactor performance with much higher reliability than previously available methods, with the goal of ...
    on July 12, 2013     Source: Science Daily

  2. Modeling Software allows measurement of complex 3D structures.

    Supporting optical CD application development, NovaMARS v6.0 optimizes time-to-solution for complex 3D structures in 2X and 1X technology nodes. Modeling engine supports Hybrid Metrology functions, combining data from other metrology tools to optimize overall metrology performance. Advanced metrology techniques enable control over weak parameters in complex 3D structures such as VNAND memory ...
    on July 11, 2013     Source: ThomasNet

  3. Simulations Plus Reports Third Quarter and First Nine Months FY2013 Financial Results

    Simulations Plus, Inc. , a leading provider of simulation and modeling software for pharmaceutical discovery and development, reported financial results for its third q
    on July 11, 2013     Source: Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance


  1. "We've said since day one that if and when we have an impact from Deepwater Horizon, it would be in the form of tarballs," Patterson said in a news release. "This shows that our modeling is accurate. Any Texas shores impacted by the Deepwater...
    on Jul 5, 2010 By: Jerry Patterson Source: The Associated Press

  2. Backstage in pants and a T-shirt after the show, Torres recalled: "There was a girl (modeling) who said that she was really nervous and I said, `Swimming in the Olympics is much more nerve-wracking!'"
    on Sep 7, 2008 By: Dara Torres Source: FOXNews

  3. "It's not what he says, but what he does," Babcock said. "The modeling of doing things right that he sets for the whole team is the best I've ever seen by far."
    on Jun 30, 2006 By: Mike Babcock Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

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