labouring labouring


  • (adj) doing arduous or unpleasant work



  1. The paper has always been "the friend of the labouring man and the enemy of Labour.
  2. Of Henry James she threatens to write a book, contents herself instead with a few pages; ''With a labouring that began stirring in the soles of his feet and worked up with .
  3. And so on, until on Page 672, still "aspiring to moral and labouring for intellectual improvement," the lovers attain "rational happiness.


  • More modern monarchs choose not to rule until death

    Retirement is not traditionally on the cards for queens, kings or popes, but a string of abdications in recent months, some unprecedented, show many are choosing to step aside instead of labouring on until death.
    on July 5, 2013     Source: Fox News


  1. As Alan Borovoy, general counsel for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, argued recently, "during the years when my colleagues and I were labouring to create such commissions, we never imagined that they might ultimately be used against...
    on Dec 5, 2007 By: Alan Borovoy Source:

  2. "He was labouring," said Jays manager John Gibbons, who pulled Marcum after 75 pitches to keep his arm fresh for his next start. "Everybody's going to have nights like that. He's a command guy. The key for him is getting ahead. That's what...
    on Aug 21, 2007 By: John Gibbons Source: National Post

  3. "All wins are important but I suppose since the Origin series we've been labouring a little bit at some stages in some games," Bellamy said. "We think there's some areas of our game we can improve and we'll have to improve, but there were...
    on Aug 11, 2008 By: Craig Bellamy Source: The Age

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