grievous grievous  /ˈɡri vəs/


  1. (adj) causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm
  2. (adj) causing or marked by grief or anguish
  3. (adj) of great gravity or crucial import; requiring serious thought
  4. (adj) shockingly brutal or cruel


  1. For example, hardly anyone now disagrees that the choice to invade Iraq was a grievous mistake.
  2. It was with difficulty that the ushers and saner deputies were able to prevent grievous bodily harm being done him.
  3. The chunky 56-year-old general, who led the group that ousted Norodom Sihanouk as Cambodia's chief of state two months ago, has grievous problems nonetheless.


  • Critics’ Choice Television Awards Fug Carpet: Kaley Cuoco

    Well, she’s lovely, so I’m very glad Kaley Cuoco won herself this lovely doorstop. But I’m terribly sad for her that she did it in a dress that is betraying her torso in such a grievous, flagrant manner. It is the Brutus to her Caesar.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Go Fug Yourself


  1. "The people of Pakistan have suffered a grievous blow," Singh said and added he was "deeply shocked and horrified to hear of the heinous assassination of Benazir."
    on Dec 27, 2007 By: Manmohan Singh Source: Daily Times

  2. "This is a day of progress for us and for the millions of people across our nation and around the globe who reject the death penalty as a moral or practical response to the grievous, even heinous, crime of murder," Corzine said.
    on Dec 17, 2007 By: Jon S Corzine Source: FOXNews

  3. Ms. Clinton added: "The Pakistani people have suffered grievous losses, but they are standing firm in the face of this intimidation -- and the United States stands with them."
    on Apr 5, 2010 By: Hillary Rodham Clinton Source: National Post

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