galling galling  /ˈɡɔ lɪŋ/


  • (adj) causing irritation or annoyance


  1. Palin's support for drilling in ANWR opening up the refuge was one of her 2006 campaign positions is particularly galling for environmentalists.
  2. Daring to be different is nothing new for France, where galling allies is as enduring a national pastime as boules.
  3. Maybe even more galling, the network has lately faded in the ephemeral category of buzz.


  • Microsoft Waits to Fix Your Software Bugs So the NSA Can Use Them First

    In a move as fiendishly clever as it is galling, Microsoft tells the U.S. government about bugs in its notoriously buggy software before it fixes them so that intelligence agencies can use the vulnerabilities for the purposes of cyberspying. "That information can be used to protect government computers and to access the computers of terrorists or military foes," sources tell Bloomberg's Michael ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: The Atlantic Wire via Yahoo! News

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  1. "It's galling to think that taxpayers' stimulus checks will be lining the pockets of OPEC. The sad truth is that the average American family will spend almost their entire stimulus check on higher gas prices this year," said Sen. Charles...
    on Jan 17, 2008 By: Charles Schumer Source: News 10NBC

  2. He lashed out at his critics, which have included the former Herald editor Eric Beecher and the former Age editor Michael Gawenda, saying it was "galling to have to listen to the self-appointed experts prattle from the sidelines".
    on Oct 14, 2008 By: Michael Gawenda Source: Sydney Morning Herald

  3. Hull boss Iain Dowie added: "The manner of the defeat is the galling part of it. It makes you sick to the pit of your stomach, because I thought the game started well. It's about heart and desire and we had one player, George Boateng, who played...
    on Apr 10, 2010 By: Iain Dowie Source: AFP

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