corking corking  /ˈkɔr kɪŋ/


  • (adj) very good



  1. The ambience is laid back; you can bring your own beer or wine for a $3 corking fee.
  2. In baseball, overt cheating -- scuffing balls, corking bats -- brings only winks, while the real appreciation is reserved for breaches in the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play.
  3. Blanc stepped up to the mike and, using only his voice, squealed like a skidding auto and did a corking good imitation of a bottle being opened and poured.



  1. "There has been some debate about the cricket bats and some new technology that's evolving," ICC chief executive Malcolm Speed said. "We are talking specifically here about corking of bats and adding other substances like graphite, and...
    on May 17, 2005 By: Malcolm Speed Source: Jamaica Observer

  2. "There's all kinds of guys scuffing balls, corking bats, doing all kinds of things," Cardinals catcher Gary Bennett said. "Even if you do ...... scuff the ball, or use Vaseline or spit, you've still got to make pitches."
    on Oct 24, 2006 By: Gary Bennett Source: Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel

  3. The Kansas City Star's Joe Posnanski says it's a toss-up whether using pine tar is cheating: "Some think using pine tar for a better grip is the equivalent of corking a bat or dealing from the bottom of the deck. Others think on a cold day like...
    on Oct 24, 2006 By: Joe Posnanski Source: Wall Street Journal

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