buff buff  /ˈbəf/


  1. (n) an ardent follower and admirer
  2. (n) a soft thick undyed leather from the skins of e.g. buffalo or oxen
  3. (n) bare skin; naked
  4. (n) a medium to dark tan color
  5. (n) an implement consisting of soft material mounted on a block; used for polishing (as in manicuring)
  6. (v) strike, beat repeatedly
  7. (v) polish and make shiny
  8. (adj) of the yellowish-beige color of buff leather


  1. Hiking in the buff might shock Thomas' bosses, as well as some of Appenzell's 15,000 inhabitants, but it's no skin off his back.
  2. For a sex lecture, the lady instructor arrives in the buff, prompting a genial response from a student audience, and furious blushing and giggles from four parents.
  3. Clad only in signet ring and cigar, some of Germany's richest and most famed industrialists also frolic in the buff at exclusive North Sea beaches.


  1. DeMonaco's "The Purge" Full of Untapped Potential

    I would in no way describe myself as a horror buff.
    on June 17, 2013     Source: The Trades

  2. Dark 'Man of Steel' could use more heart

    Paging Christopher Reeve: Henry Cavill is buff but rather dull in the title role of "Man of Steel." Laurence Fishburne is given nothing to do in the role of Daily Planet editor Perry White, and Amy Adams, as ace reporter Lois Lane, lacks chemistry with Henry Cavill's Superman.
    on June 16, 2013     Source: Everett Herald

  3. Jeremy Christian Buff

    Jeremy Christian Buff, 36, of 102 Elam Street in Lawndale, passed away June 9, 2013 at Cleveland Regional Medical Center.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: ShelbyInfo.com


  1. "They'll probably see a lot of each other," Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville said. "They both play a little different game. It will be a great test. Prongs is a smart player. Buff is not going to be easy to play against."
    on May 27, 2010 By: Joel Quenneville Source: NHL.com

  2. "He's a big history buff, and I think he thought that it was a good idea that there be proposed in these countries an alternative to what the Soviets were offering," says institute president Lorne Craner, a former State Department assistant...
    on Oct 19, 2007 By: Lorne Craner Source: Guardian Unlimited

  3. "She was a wonderful lady and a car buff. She loved the show so much that she incorporated it into her life, her own car," Barris said Wednesday.
    on Jan 10, 2007 By: George Barris Source: Forbes

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