bootless bootless


  • (adj) unproductive of success



  1. Do not ask why you would want to engage in such a bootless enterprise; just assume it was your task.
  2. A Carter discovered, a unilateral policy of weapons-sale restraint can be bootless.
  3. The 19th century's bootless battle between science and religion is all but forgotten -but not in Missouri's Ozark Mountains.


  • Cardiff Skates Launches Major Retail Partnership With Brookstone

    Cardiff Skate Company, designers of the first bootless, strap-in skates to automatically size-adjust with tri-skate wheel technology announces the launch of their patented, 'one-size-fits-all' skates in Brookstone retail stores starting in March.
    on April 3, 2014     Source: RetailSolutionsOnline

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