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  • n  United States comedian and film actor (1880-1946)
  • n  a piece of land cleared of trees and usually enclosed
  • n  a region where a battle is being (or has been) fought
    they made a tour of Civil War battlefields
  • n  somewhere (away from a studio or office or library or laboratory) where practical work is done or data is collected
  • n  a branch of knowledge
  • n  the space around a radiating body within which its electromagnetic oscillations can exert force on another similar body not in contact with it
  • n  a particular kind of commercial enterprise
  • n  a particular environment or walk of life
  • n  a piece of land prepared for playing a game
  • n  extensive tract of level open land
    he longed for the fields of his youth
  • n  (mathematics) a set of elements such that addition and multiplication are commutative and associative and multiplication is distributive over addition and there are two elements 0 and 1
  • n  a region in which active military operations are in progress
  • n  all of the horses in a particular horse race
  • n  all the competitors in a particular contest or sporting event
  • n  a geographic region (land or sea) under which something valuable is found
    the diamond fields of South Africa
  • n  (computer science) a set of one or more adjacent characters comprising a unit of information
  • n  the area that is visible (as through an optical instrument)
  • n  a place where planes take off and land
  • v  catch or pick up (balls) in baseball or cricket
  • v  play as a fielder
  • v  answer adequately or successfully
  • v  select (a team or individual player) for a game

  • Big Oil might also be emboldened to make deals on oil fields in the Kurdish areas since last week, when the Chinese oil giant Sinopec announced that it was acquiring the Swiss oil .
  • A food safety expert says it likely came from processing the produce right in the fields, a practice that's become much more common.
  • Plowing a field is drawing lines on the land, painting the fields it's incredibly visual.
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  • Barack Obama in
    The answers to our problems don't lie beyond our reach. They exist in our laboratories and our universities; in our fields and our factories; in the imaginations of our entrepreneurs and the pride of the hardest-working people on Earth,Obama...
  • Robert Gates in Guardian Unlimited
    Access to air fields and to the roads and so on in Turkey would very much be put at risk if this resolution passes and Turkey reacts as strongly as we believe they will,Gates said.

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