isolated isolated  /ˈaɪ sə ˌleɪ təd/


  1. (adj) not close together in time
  2. (adj) being or feeling set or kept apart from others
  3. (adj) marked by separation of or from usually contiguous elements
  4. (adj) cut off or left behind
  5. (adj) under forced isolation especially for health reasons
  6. (adj) remote and separate physically or socially


  1. Montagnier apparently isolated the virus first, but there is no reason to believe that Gallo purposely stole it.
  2. But it was shattered by what should have been a small, isolated fire in an electrical substation on Miami's western fringe.
  3. I would not focus on the isolated proposals of isolated members of Congress.


  1. Court says isolated human genes cannot be patented

    Court says isolated human genes cannot be patented Associated Press Copyright 2013 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Updated 4:24 pm, Thursday, June 13, 2013 WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously threw out attempts to patent human genes, siding with advocates who say the multibillion-dollar ...
    on June 15, 2013     Source: Beaumont Enterprise

  2. Houston Forecast: Some isolated storms Friday

    HOUSTON – There is a slight chance for isolated strong storms Friday afternoon in the communities north of Interstate 10, KHOU 11 News Meteorologist Brooks Garner said. There is a 20 percent chance of rain heading into Father’s Day weekend. Friday’s temps will peak at 97 degrees, but the heat index says it will feel like 105. The possibility of rain will carry over into Saturday with a 20 ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: KHOU 11 Houston

  3. Today's weather: Isolated showers but mostly dry in CNY

    The National Weather Service is forecasting a chance of isolated rain showers but otherwise cloudy and dry for most of Friday. Here's the text of the NWS forecast for Auburn:
    on June 14, 2013     Source: The Auburn Citizen


  1. "A few nations, regimes like Syria and Iran, continue to sponsor terror," Bush said. "Yet their numbers are growing fewer, and they're growing more isolated from the world. As the 21st century unfolds, some may be tempted to assume that the...
    on Sep 22, 2008 By: President Bush Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. "It is the first time in the history of civilization in which the carriers of a genuine plague have not been isolated from the general population, and in which this deadly disease for which there is no cure is being treated as a civil rights issue...
    on Dec 11, 2007 By: Mike Huckabee Source: Los Angeles Times

  3. "As we gather here tonight, our country is less secure and more isolated than at any time in recent history," said Biden, 65, whose eldest son, Beau, will soon deploy to Iraq with the National Guard.
    on Aug 27, 2008 By: Joe Biden Source: AFP

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