clothes clothes  /ˈkloʊðz/


  • (n) clothing in general



  1. Clothes dryer starts fire at Worcester Technical High School

    WORCESTER - A fire in a gas clothes dryer set off sprinklers and alarms at Worcester Technical High School Thursday night.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Worcester Telegram & Gazette

  2. Police catch alleged burglar hiding in clothes dryer

    Police in New Rochelle, N.Y., caught a suspected burglar hiding in a clothes dryer, local ABC-affiliate WABC reports. Police responded to a burglar alarm at the home of Aaron and Gwen Stone. When they arrived they saw a man inside the home, so they called for backup, according to the station. The alleged burglar, 19-year-old Gabriel [...]
    on June 13, 2013     Source: The Sideshow via Yahoo! News

  3. Europe's Clothes Dryers Consume Half As Much Energy As America's

    Like the vast majority of U.S. households, I own a clothes dryer that accounts for a non-trivial share of my electricity consumption. Like the vast majority of my fellow Americans, I would likely pay a lot less to dry my clothes if I lived in Europe.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Forbes


  1. "If you notice, since Britney started wearing clothes and behaving; Paris is out of town not bothering anybody anymore, thank God, and evidently, Lindsay Lohan has gone gay, we don't seem to have much of an issue," Bratton told KNBC-TV.
    on Jul 31, 2008 By: William Bratton Source: USA Today

  2. Asked if he was surprised at the amount spent, McCain said, "It works that the clothes will be donated to charity. Nothing surprises me."
    on Oct 23, 2008 By: John McCain Source: FOXNews

  3. "I did not order the clothes. Did not ask for the clothes," Palin said. "I would have been happy to have worn my own clothes from Day One. But that is kind of an odd issue, an odd campaign issue as things were wrapping up there as to who...
    on Nov 10, 2008 By: Sarah Palin Source: International Herald Tribune

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