catching catching  /ˈkæ tʃɪŋ/


  1. (n) (baseball) playing the position of catcher on a baseball team
  2. (n) the act of detecting something; catching sight of something
  3. (n) becoming infected
  4. (adj) (of disease) capable of being transmitted by infection


  1. Civilians often assume the diseases are catching, or venereal.
  2. Dan Burton is so afraid of catching AIDS that he brings his own scissors to the House barbershop and refuses to eat soup at public restaurants.


  1. 'Catching Fire' to have Comic-Con panel

    No surprise, but now it's official: "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" will have a panel at Comic-Con next month, Lionsgate announced today.
    on June 27, 2013     Source: CNN

  2. New ‘Catching Fire’ Trailer and ‘I, Frankenstein’ Footage to Debut at Comic-Con 2013

    Lionsgate has announced that it will debut a new trailer for 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' and 'I, Frankenstein' footage at the studio's 2013 Comic-Con panel.
    on June 27, 2013     Source: Screen Rant

  3. 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' is coming to San Diego Comic-Con

    Both "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" and "I, Frankenstein" will have panels at 2013 San Diego Comic-Con.
    on June 26, 2013     Source: Zap2It


  1. Chestnut says he wouldn't be surprised if Kobayashi showed up "in hopes of catching his competitors off guard."
    on Jul 3, 2010 By: Joey Chestnut Source: The Associated Press

  2. "I've been catching a lot of guys," said catcher Ivan Rodriguez, patting Strasburg on the shoulder, "but this kid is unbelievable."
    on Jun 9, 2010 By: Ivan Rodriguez Source: The Associated Press

  3. "It's spreading too many diseases and costing too many lives. We need to do a better job of catching contaminated food before it ever comes close to a kitchen table. My plan addressed the gaps in the inspection process and improves recalls and...
    on Oct 14, 2009 By: Kirsten Gillibrand Source: Food Safety News

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