bosky bosky


  • (adj) covered with or consisting of bushes or thickets


  1. Roberts grew to love its scrawny cypress, bosky gorges,, tall redwoods, dreamed of a scenic highway.
  2. Over not only the Black Forest, but also the bosky Harz Mountains, the Grunewald near Berlin, woods in Thuringia, ranged bombers heavy with incendiaries.


  1. "Important projects such as the licenses projects of T 90 tanks, multi-road fighter aircrafts, SU 30 MKI, repair and refurbishment of aircraft carrier Abmiral Bosky, along with supply of the base fighter aircraft Mi 29k are evidence of successful...
    on Oct 18, 2007 By: AK Antony Source:

  2. "Sanjay met me. We discussed a story idea. But we are yet to meet again. What I am happy about is that he has offered to produce a short story for Bosky (his daughter Meghna)," said Gulzar, who has just returned from a trip to the US.
    on Aug 4, 2006 By: Gulzar Source:

  3. It takes you along a new riverbank path bordered by the "bosky wood, a slumbrous stream" that Brooke described.
    on Jul 9, 2009 By: Rupert Brooke Source:

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