barf barf


  1. (n) the matter ejected in vomiting
  2. (v) eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth



  1. If I see one more mutt that overcomes the odds to become a firehouse dog or a shepherding dog, I'm going to barf up my food and not eat it afterward.
  2. Despite training, travelers are nearly certain to spend as much time clutching their barf bags as peering out tiny portholes at the edge of earth.
  3. And by doing so, he may erase the barf-stained smudge on his father's legacy in Japan.


  • Royal baby to give bounce to British economy

    From sales of royal baby barf bags to tourists flocking to the Tower of London, the birth of Prince William's heir is expected to produce a bouncing baby buoy for Britain's economy. With the prince's wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, due to give birth next month, Britons are considering how to best mark the moment. Happy occasions often boost consumer confidence, sparking a spring in the step that ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: NBC NEWS


  1. "They wanted me for one or the other," Leo says. "And then he ends up with who? And that's right? She's young enough to be his daughter. That made me wanna barf."
    on May 28, 2010 By: Melissa Leo Source: Washington Post

  2. "Here is a kid who has done a great job of talking about how he is not only the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, but that he is the best fighter in history, which has to make people barf," Arum said. "He has convinced all these...
    on Dec 6, 2007 By: Bob Arum Source: San Gabriel Valley Tribune

  3. "He had us doing mat drills and no one wanted to barf, show their weakness," Baker said. "Barfing is pain leaving the body, and you get ragged by your teammates if you do it."
    on Dec 14, 2006 By: Dallas Baker Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution (registration)

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