oaf oaf


  • (n) an awkward stupid person



  1. The movie will also remind more recent Hong Kong fans of Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle, the story of an oaf who becomes a hero against by battling a long-imprisoned supervillain.
  2. Gone is the belching, unkempt, groin-scratching oaf of everyday reality; in his place stands an elegant, considerate dandy, ever ready to open doors and produce bouquets.
  3. Douglas Campbell can be a simple-minded oaf one minute and a Judaic Henry V the next, and his voice ranges even more remarkably from a love-lyrical caress to a doggish snarl.


  • Purchasing agreement made for Sugar Loaf

    A purchasing agreement has been signed to buy the long closed Sugar Loaf ski resort in Leelanau County.
    on October 1, 2013     Source: TV 7&4 Traverse City

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