nothings nothings  /ˈnə θɪŋz/


  • (n) inconsequential conversation


  1. They can murmur sweet nothings and read your e-mails, too.
  2. It's all much ado about nothing -- two nothings to be exact, the two zeros that represent the year 2000 in many of the world's critically important computer systems.
  3. They can murmur sweet nothings and read your e-mails, too.


  • If Only the Monsters University Writers Had Taken a Quick Sendak Seminar

    Terrorizing children in their bedrooms remains the existential concern of the toothy blobs, hams and pom-pom-furred Wild Things that populate Monsters movies, many of whom look like gummy nothings long stuck to the bottom of Pixar's junk drawer. Their very lives depend upon coaxing night-s...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Dallas Observer


  1. "Nothings easier than railing up a crowd by stoking anger and division," Obama told the Ohio crowd, "But that's not what we need right now in the United States. The times are too serious."
    on Oct 10, 2008 By: Barack Obama Source: ABC News

  2. "This is about the future of our planet and the future of our children and their children. It is one of the great challenges of our time," Turnbull told reporters. "We cannot be seen as a party of climate sceptics, of do-nothings on climate...
    on Nov 26, 2009 By: Malcolm Turnbull Source: Reuters

  3. In an interview with Congressional Quarterly, Oberstar said that LaHood "had the temerity to think......and what did he get? Slapped down. He's a good man. A decent man. Don't let him get slapped down by know-nothings."
    on Feb 24, 2009 By: Jim Oberstar Source: ABC News

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