loosening loosening  /ˈlu sə nɪŋ/


  1. (n) an occurrence of control or strength weakening
  2. (n) the act of making something less tight



  1. Mao's death left a power vacuum that resulted in a loosening of control by the government.
  2. But Arbat is of a different order: it is not only indicative of Mikhail Gorbachev's leash-loosening policies but also an official seal of disapproval on the past.
  3. I can see his rigidity loosening every time he comes home or I visit him at school.


  1. Assembly passes state budget after Dems offer no amendments

    Assembly leaders had planned on eight hours of debate on the budget Wednesday but it wasn’t needed after Democrats decided to offer no amendments on the floor. The vote passed 55-42. Republicans passed a technical amendment that made a few changes to the budget including not capping a property tax credit program for veterans, delaying the loosening of requirements for high-capacity wells, and ...
    on June 19, 2013     Source: WISC-TV Madison

  2. Republicans negotiate changes to Wisconsin budget

    Republicans privately negotiated a series of last-minute changes to the Wisconsin budget Tuesday designed to smooth its passage, including removing a cap on a popular tax credit program for disabled veterans and delaying the loosening of requirements for high-capacity wells.
    on June 19, 2013     Source: The Janesville Gazette

  3. Food aid that works

    OUR OPINION: Loosening U.S. shipping and growing requirements would deliver more food to hungry people in nations in crisis
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Miami Herald


  1. "Coach Dinger has done a great job of loosening the reins on us a little bit and letting us have free will out there," Washington said.
    on Jun 22, 2010 By: Nate Washington Source: The Associated Press

  2. -September 2007: "I was aware that the loosening of mortgage credit terms for subprime borrowers increased financial risk. But I believed then, as now, that the benefits of broadened home ownership are worth the risk," Greenspan wrote in his...
    on Dec 18, 2007 By: Alan Greenspan Source: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

  3. Martin said his proposal represented "a relatively minor loosening" of the cross-ownership rule.
    on Dec 18, 2007 By: Kevin Martin Source: FOXNews

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