lodestar lodestar  /ˈloʊd ˌstɑr/


  1. (n) guiding star; a star that is used as a reference point in navigation or astronomy
  2. (n) something that serves as a model or guide



  1. Handsome Herbert Goddard was a lodestar of lonely hearts.
  2. But the fact that it can be asked at all illustrates the dangers that await any Administration that strays from the national interest as the lodestar of its policy.
  3. We must again find the luminary symbol of love and make it the lodestar of our destiny.


  • Indiana, PA - Indiana County

    The Indiana VFW Post #1989 and the Lodestar Bus Co. are sponsoring a bus trip to Washington, D.C., to visit the Iwo Jima, World War II, Korean, Vietnam and FDR memorials.
    on June 7, 2013     Source: The Indiana Gazette


  1. Delivering the budget communication, Mr. Ingraham said, "My government's lodestar is to reduce the ratio of government debt to GDP so as to come within the range of 30 percent to 35 percent by 2012/13."
    on Jun 17, 2007 By: Hubert Ingraham Source: The Bahama Journal

  2. Clegg said: "When I took over as leader I made two assumptions that have come about more spectacularly than I could even have guessed. The first was that the Conservatives have no ideological lodestar ...... They think they are entitled to govern...
    on Apr 18, 2010 By: Nick Clegg Source: The Guardian

  3. "He was kind of our lodestar," said Viguerie. "He was the one we set our course by. When he was critical of Reagan, it was when Reagan wandered off the conservative reservation."
    on Jul 4, 2008 By: Richard Viguerie Source: Charlotte Observer

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