jammed jammed  /ˈdʒæmd/


  1. (adj) filled to capacity
  2. (n) preserve of crushed fruit
  3. (n) informal terms for a difficult situation
  4. (n) a dense crowd of people
  5. (n) deliberate radiation or reflection of electromagnetic energy for the purpose of disrupting enemy use of electronic devices or systems
  6. (v) press tightly together or cram
  7. (v) push down forcibly
  8. (v) crush or bruise
  9. (v) interfere with or prevent the reception of signals
  10. (v) get stuck and immobilized
  11. (v) crowd or pack to capacity
  12. (v) block passage through

Derived Word(s)


  1. There could be little disagreement from the crowds who had jammed the Indianapolis courtroom for five weeks.
  2. Worshippers raced outside with bodies and jammed them into ambulances without pausing to sort the living from the dead.
  3. For anyone with a jammed schedule, a new group called the Extraordinaries offers ways to devote even just a few minutes of free time to something worthwhile.


  1. Festus rolls past Miners after first-inning stop

    PARK HILLS — The Festus Post 153 Junior American Legion team loaded the bases after an initial run in the first inning, but Park Hills Miners pitcher Jake Bridges left them jammed with his first strike-out. Post 153 was not to be denied as they burst open for 11 hits in scoring 12 more runs in the next four frames for a 13-2 win on Tuesday.
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Park Hills Daily Journal

  2. San Joaquin Valley farmers get bleak report on water supply

    Growers jammed into the Westlands Water District field shop Tuesday to hear bad news: Expect a zero percent water allocation next February if winter doesn't start out stormy.
    on June 19, 2013     Source: The Fresno Bee

  3. Marshalls Creek Price Chopper opening draws hundreds

    More than 250 shoppers jammed the entrance of the new Price Chopper in Marshalls Creek when the store opened at 8:15 a.m. The store gave away packages of cookies to the first 500 who entered the door and they were gone in a half hour.
    on June 18, 2013     Source: Pocono Record

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  1. "This all shows the oil industry holds shocking sway over the administration and even key federal employees," said Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla. "This is why we must not allow big oil's agenda to be jammed through Congress."
    on Sep 10, 2008 By: Bill Nelson Source: USA Today

  2. "Our highways are jammed. People go to work in gridlock," Feinstein said in arguing for the proposal.
    on Feb 3, 2009 By: Dianne Feinstein Source: International Herald Tribune

  3. McConnell said along with Republicans, there are several Democrats who don't think, quote, "something of this magnitude ought to be jammed down the throats of a public that doesn't want it through this kind of device."
    on Mar 1, 2010 By: Mitch McConnell Source: Ozarks First

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