gushing gushing  /ˈɡə ʃɪŋ/


  1. (adj) flowing profusely
  2. (adj) uttered with unrestrained enthusiasm
  3. (adj) extravagantly demonstrative


  1. Blood was gushing from a fist-size bullet wound in King's right cheek.
  2. Rockwell was strolling toward Hassan when he saw a guest in front of him topple to the floor, blood gushing from his leg.
  3. The moribund combination leads to gushing red ink for the airlines.


  1. President Obama's Uphill Defense of the NSA Surveillance: Trust Us, Because ... Trust Us

    President Obama is having a hard time defending the gushing leaks from the NSA's surveillance programs. It's not because he finds them indefensible; he seems emphatic that although he was worried about these programs as a senator and candidate, seeing them in action and seeing the oversights in place put him at ease.
    on June 18, 2013     Source: National Journal via Yahoo! News

  2. 802.11ac wireless networking: What it is and why you want it

    With everyone gushing over iOS 7 and the new Macs...
    on June 17, 2013     Source: MacDailyNews

  3. What 802.11ac Networking Is, And Why You Want It

    While we were all gushing over iOS 7 and the new Macs, it was easy to miss the relatively minor announcement that Apple has added support for 802.11ac Wi-Fi to two of its key hardware products: the MacBook Air and ...        
    on June 17, 2013     Source: Wired News


  1. He said: "The point I made, particularly in the earlier phone call, is ...... yes of course, BP itself wants to pay for the clean-up, wants to stop the gushing of the oil into the Gulf, recognises it's going to have to pay money in respect of...
    on Jun 23, 2010 By: David Cameron Source:

  2. "Today we learned that the containment system was damaged and had to be removed, leaving the well totally uncapped and gushing oil into the Gulf once again," said Republican Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana. "This is obviously a very...
    on Jun 23, 2010 By: David Vitter Source: The Associated Press

  3. "These guys have bought into total team," Louisville coach Rick Pitino said. "We did it in the toughest year in the history of the Big East to sweep both. I'm gushing with pride."
    on Mar 14, 2009 By: Rick Pitino Source: International Herald Tribune

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