grayness grayness


  • (n) a neutral achromatic color midway between white and black



  1. That's also partly why the sterile grayness of some hallways was painted over with tranquil pastel colors.
  2. The drab grayness of the world would become crushing and the boredom would seem ineluctable.
  3. Soyer's expanded use of color in the work of the past two decades has merely emphasized the grayness of his emotional palette.


  • Weather Report: June Gloom Expected To Ruin Your Week, Bring Rainbows For Pride

    After a few weeks of exceptionally nice (if a tad too windy) weather, Sunday's gloomy not-quite-rain, not-quite-fog wet thing was a nice excuse to stay indoors with a coffee and the newspaper. Or catch up on an entire season of Mad Men . Or just be hungover. But come Monday, the grayness hanging over everything only made it that much harder to wake up while it blocked out the Sun on some of the ...
    on June 24, 2013     Source: SFist


  1. "After two generations of the grayness of communism, Warsaw has entered a really fantastic period of a renaissance and of a dynamic new architecture," said American architect Daniel Libeskind, who designed Berlin's landmark Jewish Museum and the...
    on Jul 11, 2008 By: Daniel Libeskind Source: Combined Jewish Philantropies

  2. "Carnival has always been a break from everyday grayness, a time of playfulness, escapism and-why not-transgression," Venice Mayor Massimo Cacciari said. "The Carnival of Venice, which joins partying to culture, is also a way of returning...
    on Feb 14, 2009 By: Massimo Cacciari Source: Chicago Tribune

  3. Garant, Lennon and Kenney-Silver decided to set the show in Reno, which Lennon describes as a "small town with a big-city vibe." "It has a sense of grayness and a sense of desperation. It's Vegas' ugly step-child."
    on Feb 16, 2007 By: John Lennon Source: (blog)

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