frenzied frenzied  /f ˈrɛn zid/


  1. (adj) affected with or marked by frenzy or mania uncontrolled by reason
  2. (adj) excessively agitated; distraught with fear or other violent emotion
  3. (n) state of violent mental agitation


  1. The unauthorized tell-alls burst with miscarriages, abortions, rest cures and frenzied press conferences announcing her desire to be left alone.
  2. During the first frenzied days of relief work the death total reached at least 1,500.
  3. Dispensing with dirge-y ballads and long musical bridges to nowhere, Accelerate clocks in at a frenzied 35 min.


  1. Video Premiere: Alicia Keys, 'Tears Always Win'

    Alicia Keys has a split personality in her "Tears Always Win" video. Alicia Keys has been bringing the DRA-MA these days! And nope, I don't mean the Amanda Bynes variety, but rather the kind that features Alicia playing to frenzied, sold-out crowds in her "New Day" video, basically hooking up with Maxwell in her "Fire We Make" video [...]
    on June 13, 2013     Source: MTV

  2. Iron Men: Black Sabbath's Ozzy Osbourne and Geezer Butler Answer the Hard Questions

    Thirty-five years ago, Black Sabbath released the frenzied, drug-addled Never Say Die!  ... and then decided to fire frontman
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Spin

  3. Tips for connecting with your kids

    This last weekend was filled with frenzied, last-minute shopping and list checking as I tried to get one of our kids off to Girl's Camp, all while worrying if our 17-year-old remembered to pac…
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Provo Daily Herald


  1. It's hard to see what an Ahmadinejad meeting would gain, McCain said, "except an earful of anti-Semitic rants, and a worldwide audience for a man who denies one Holocaust and talks before frenzied crowds about starting another."
    on Jun 2, 2008 By: John McCain Source: USA Today

  2. "The decision has been taken by myself that he will deploy in due course," Dannatt said. "I would urge that the somewhat frenzied media activity surrounding this particular story should cease in the interests of the overall security of all...
    on Apr 30, 2007 By: Sir Richard Dannatt Source: USA Today

  3. "Offensively we've got to have more patience," said Rockets coach Rick Adelman. "We just can't come down and play at a frenzied pace. We turned it over, we only had five assists in the second half. We just didn't play the way we needed to in...
    on Apr 28, 2009 By: Rick Adelman Source: USA Today

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