diddle diddle


  1. (v) deprive of by deceit
  2. (v) manipulate manually or in one's mind or imagination



  1. God, whom we see not, is: and God, who is not, we see: Fiddle, we know, is diddle: and diddle, we take it, is dee.
  2. Well, say he's in trouble with his stockholders; they don't like the way he's running the company, want him to resign, but he thinks he can diddle them again.


  • Send-off for Lady Marshals Wednesday

    DRAFFENVILLE – A state tournament send-off celebration for the Lady Marshals basketball team is scheduled for Wednesday at 10:15 a.m. The Sweet Sixteen begins that day at Diddle Arena on the campus...
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Marshall County Tribune-Courier


  1. And then, measuring his words carefully, Hayward added: "Maybe that's what we need. We need that kick in the pants to realize we're a good team, and we need to stop diddle-daddling or stop playing around it and put these games away."
    on Oct 27, 2008 By: Reggie Hayward Source: Florida Times-Union

  2. "I don't just sit there and diddle on a guitar until a riff appears. S--- comes in, I write it down, I record it, I put it out. And I think the other [members] that split, maybe they thought they were deliverymen as well," Lightburn adds....
    on Sep 18, 2008 By: Murray Lightburn Source: Spinner

  3. When they married in 1948 Searle wrote his bride a poem: "Diddle diddle dumpling/ Your husband Ron/ Went to bed singing this song/ I love Kayki/ Wherever I may be/ And I wish she would maykmi/ A nice cuppa tea."
    on Apr 29, 2010 By: Ronald Searle Source: Telegraph.co.uk

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