breasted breasted  /b ˈrɛ stəd/


  • (adj) having a breast or breasts; or breasts as specified; used chiefly in compounds


  1. Before World War II, double-breasted suits accounted for 40-50% of all cuttings; the share is now down to 12%.
  2. It is acted out by balloon-breasted models and actors with unflagging erections, then rented for $4 a night at the corner video store.
  3. The women go bare-breasted and the men, who scratch out a living by farming and hunting with crossbows and knives, wear loincloths.


  1. Carly Rae Jepsen, Model Onslaught at amfAR Gala

    The theme for last night's amfAR gala at the Plaza Hotel was "military," complete with a runway show full of camo fabrics and double-breasted jackets. How does attendee Liza Minnelli feel about men in uniform? "Oh, they're so attractive!" The Cut chatted with guests about their most militant personal habits, ... More »
    on June 14, 2013     Source: New York Magazine

  2. Naturally Speaking: Wildlife babies are best left alone when found

    My wife, Sue, and I took a walk around our neighborhood early Monday morning. Although the robin nests in my yard have failed to fledge any young for various reasons, it was clear that others have been successful. Several speckle-breasted young ones made semi-coordinated flights out of our way, and we heard the screeching calls of others begging to be fed. Baby wildlife season is upon us, and ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: The Ames Tribune


  1. With humorous detail, McCourt described how his mother's American cousins, Delia and Philomena, who "were large women, great-breasted and fierce," tracked down McCourt's father in a bar and verbally cudgeled him into marriage, inauspicious...
    on Jul 20, 2009 By: Frank McCourt Source: Los Angeles Times

  2. "I am totally opposed to the exploitation of vulnerable woman," Banks told Fairfax. "Taking...... women down Queen Street on the back of Harley Davidsons bare breasted and paying them for such activity is, in my review, not in keeping with...
    on Jul 8, 2009 By: John Banks Source: AFP

  3. "It's actually kind of what I look like shirtless," Fey joked. "I'm small breasted and they're high, and my lats are unbelievable. [But Mark Wahlberg is] very funny in the movie, and it's a disservice to only speak of his lats and nips."
    on Apr 9, 2010 By: Tina Fey Source:

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