bathetic bathetic


  • (adj) effusively or insincerely emotional


  1. Then again, De Niro and Streep would have trouble bringing to life an inert mix of farce and sentiment that ends up being both exploitative and bathetic kiddie corn.
  2. Death on The Sopranos can be operatic or bathetic; in the first two episodes screened for critics, one mobster dies in a bloody shooting, another ignominiously of cancer.
  3. Affecting but not bathetic, this artful study goes to the head of the foreign-film class.


  • David Mellor wrote in the Mail on Sunday, about her performance of Holst's "Jupiter", "The great soprano Elisabeth Schwarzkopf once coined a word that sums up perfectly the sheer awfulness of this bathetic rubbish: vomitacious."
    on Oct 31, 2008 By: David Mellor Source: Independent

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