bald-headed bald-headed


  • (adj) lacking hair on all or most of the scalp



  1. Steve Schmidt, John McCain 's bald-headed message maven, made his first mark on national politics in the Bush-Cheney war room in 2004.
  2. Since 1975 they had been ruled by quixotic Ali Soilih, 41, a bald-headed leftist who seized power shortly after the islands became independent from France.
  3. In between rehab stints in 2007, the bald-headed pop star blew up at a paparazzo tasked with chronicling her increasingly bizarre exploits.



  1. Ricky says "I find it hard to imagine what these living legends must think when they hear the ramblings of that little bald-headed Manc, Karl Pilkington."
    on Feb 21, 2006 By: Ricky Gervais Source: Response Source (press release)

  2. In a joint comment, Gervais and Merchant said: "It's apt that the home of The Simpsons has made room for another bald-headed buffoon. The terrifying thing is this one's real."
    on Dec 8, 2009 By: Stephen Merchant Source: Broadcastnow

  3. "Let me tell you who's gonna be in the finals," Cowell said. "The bald-headed kid [Daughtry] and the guy with gray hair [Hicks]."
    on Mar 17, 2006 By: Simon Cowell Source: FOXNews

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