asphyxiated asphyxiated  /æs ˈfɪk si ˌeɪ tɪd/


  • (adj) in a state of asphyxia


  1. When he awoke, he found an asphyxiated Lin beside him.
  2. Someone had asphyxiated the old man, which should not have been hard, since he was suffering from emphysema.
  3. This was a fallen Persian soldier, James concludes, also asphyxiated by the gas.


  • Python Victims Were Asphyxiated, Autopsy Concludes

    The two young boys killed by a python earlier this week were asphyxiated by the giant reptile,  according to preliminary autopsy results released today. Further tests are being done on the boys, but Royal Mounted Police Sgt. Alain Tremblay said, “We recognize that this has...
    on August 8, 2013     Source: ABC News Blogs via Yahoo! News


  1. - In 1999 Norman Mailer began a row with Tom Wolfe by commenting that reading the man who invented New Journalism was like "making love to a 300-pound woman. Fall in love or be asphyxiated".
    on Jul 28, 2006 By: Norman Mailer Source: The Observer Blog (blog)

  2. PARIS (AFP) - "Our hospital was already struggling with insufficient resources," said Raphael. "When the 35-hour workweek came along, we were asphyxiated."
    on Apr 14, 2007 By: Raphael Source: South Asian Women's Forum

  3. McMurtry continued to maintain there were grounds for prosecution and Black accused him of "scrambling around like an asphyxiated cockroach" trying to find grounds to prosecute him.
    on Aug 25, 2008 By: Conrad Black Source:

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