aching aching  /ˈeɪ kɪŋ/


  1. (n) a dull persistent (usually moderately intense) pain
  2. (adj) causing a dull and steady pain



  1. But for viewers aching for a romantic drama that leaves them emotionally, honorably exhausted, this could prove a total immersion in star-crossed love, if not perfect synchronicity.
  2. Low-stress exercise and over-the-counter pain killers are now being recommended for relieving those aching backs over the more high-tech measures currently used by doctors.
  3. Wherever south Korea's hottest boy band goes, its members are assailed by heaving, hormonal throngs of teenage girls, all of them aching to rip out a lock of pop idol hair.


  1. Engadget and Joystiq's Sony PlayStation pre-event broadcast: live from E3

    Been aching to find out what Sony's PlayStation 4 actually looks like ? So have we. Fortunately, Engadget's Ben Gilbert and Joystiq's Alexander Sliwinski are right outside of the company's E3 press event, happily speculating on the box's potential shape -- not to mention what games we might see for it today. Head past the break to hear the pair's predictions for the show -- and of course, you ...
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Engadget

  2. Mayo Clinic swings for the fences with sports-medicine strategy

    The Mayo Clinic is making a big play to attract ailing athletes and weekend warriors with aching knees to its campus.
    on June 7, 2013     Source: Sioux City Journal

  3. Nashville's Brandt Snedeker upbeat after diagnosis of rare bone condition

    Some golfers suffer lower back pain, others aching hips. Nashville’s Brandt Snedeker was cracking his own ribs. The cause: a condition called low bone turnover.
    on June 6, 2013     Source: Ashland City Times


  1. "A system of this kind seems to have the potential to close the aching gap between the potential benefits of transplant surgery in the UK and the limits imposed by our current system of consent," said Brown, writing in the Sunday Telegraph.
    on Jan 13, 2008 By: Gordon Brown Source: Reuters UK

  2. "I'm having a blast," Swift said. "I'm surprised my legs aren't hurting yet. I'm surprised that there's no aching going on. I'm really having so much fun because like we're all having a very good time today. They're all telling me really...
    on Jun 13, 2010 By: Taylor Swift Source: The Associated Press

  3. "I think my heart just about jumped out of my chest, because it was aching for five minutes," Webb said.
    on Apr 2, 2006 By: Karrie Webb Source: ESPN

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