muff muff  /ˈməf/


  1. (n) a warm tubular covering for the hands
  2. (n) (sports) dropping the ball
  3. (v) fail to catch, as of a ball
  4. (v) make a mess of, destroy or ruin


  1. Points are awarded to the throwing team if the receivers muff a catch, and to the receiving team if a throw goes too wide or too high.
  2. The muff is recognized by everyone as the one won at the masquerade by the doctor's brother's fiancee.
  3. Italy's muff-haired Domenico Modugno, a guitar-plunking crooner with a gypsy wail, turns out lyrics that make no sense, and he cannot read the music he composes and sings.


  • Gideons present bibles at Perry Wellness Center

    Recently, several peer clients at Perry Wellness Center expressed an interest in obtaining personal bibles, both for their own scriptural study and in order to work on their reading skills. Later in the week, Martin Muff, a member of local Faith Baptist Church, Americus, and a Gideon member for 25 years, visited the center.
    on June 25, 2013     Source: Americus Times-Recorder

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