mishandle mishandle  /mɪs ˈhæn dəl/


  1. (v) make a mess of, destroy or ruin
  2. (v) manage badly or incompetently


  1. No matter which way the cases go, they mishandle it.
  2. But since laboratory workers often mishandle or accidentally contaminate the samples during analysis, the rate of accuracy may be considerably less.
  3. Perhaps most tragically of all, Herbert Hoover's prejudices may have led him to mishandle the economy after the Crash of '29.


  • Our View: Children are hurt by political posturing

    If legislators wonder why constituents, at times, view the legislative process as disjointed, misdirected and wasteful, they only need to look at how they handle — or should we say mishandle — legislation supposedly intended to help improve situations, such as education for example.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: The Norwich Bulletin


  1. "We weren't as sharp as we'd like to be. We couldn't make the plays we needed to put the game away, but it's something we expected," coach Tony Dungy said. "You obviously can't mishandle two punts and give them short fields. Those are...
    on Dec 14, 2008 By: Tony Dungy Source: USA Today

  2. "My greatest worry, if we mishandle the next year or two and if we leave Iraq in chaos, is that a variety of regional powers will become involved in Iraq, and we will have a regional conflict on our hands," Gates said.
    on Dec 5, 2006 By: Robert Gates Source: CNN

  3. "I was trying to get there as quick as possible," Callahan said. "A lot of times, he makes the good play. ...... It's not too often he's going to mishandle it. I was just lucky enough to be there when he did."
    on Apr 9, 2008 By: Ryan Callahan Source: USA Today

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