mantrap mantrap


  1. (n) a very attractive or seductive looking woman
  2. (n) a trap for catching trespassers


  1. She seems to have secured Donahue's love in the 1962 Rome Adventure until she catches him being kissed by mantrap Angie Dickinson.
  2. Poor Claudia is heartbroken, and of course Odile turns out to be a mantrap.
  3. They were found subjects as, in a way, was Yvonne De Carlo, who seemed wrong for the role of Phyllis but fit perfectly the rebuilt part of Carlotta, the mantrap.


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    Art: John McNamee When last we saw Duder-Man, a superhero who saves men everywhere from breaking Guy Code, he rescued a helpless sap from the Friend Zone. This time, however, he's gonna need some rescuing of his own, because sexy villainess Mantrap has him tied down with a diamond ring, which is basically Kryptonite to […]
    on September 30, 2013     Source: MTV

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