loop-the-loop loop-the-loop


  • (n) a flight maneuver; aircraft flies a complete circle in the vertical plane


  1. New whirling and loop-the-loop exercises were prescribed; after rigorous physical exertion, a cosmonaut was required to stand on his head for long periods.
  2. You can dry off and go nuts on the Dueling Dragons--two inverted, high-speed coasters that run in synch and, twice during the two-minute loop-the-loop, come within 2 ft.
  3. During the exciting climax of the maneuvers -- involving 360-degree loop-the-loop leaps in the air -- the subs wiped out the Kuril Islands.


  1. Free Runner Damien Walters Successfully Does Loop-the-Loop

    Please don't try this at home. Free runner and stuntman Damien Walters attempted to do what no other person has, which is complete a vertical 360-degree run—a loop-the-loop. Watch the video above as Walters is able to successfully run the full circle. [ Youtube , h/t Mashable ]
    on February 23, 2014     Source: Bleacher Report

  2. Man Runs a Loop-the-Loop For the First Time Ever

    Did you know that it's possible for a human to do a loop-the-loop on foot? Well, maybe not for just you average Joe, but it is for superhuman free-runner Damien Walters. PepsiMax sponsored the daredevil's attempt, providing him with a human-sized loop the loop in an abandoned warehouse. After working the math out — he needed to be going 8.6 mph at the top — Walters got to work on being the first ...
    on February 22, 2014     Source: Mashable

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