listener listener  /ˈlɪ sə nər/


  • (n) someone who listens attentively



  1. I remember one listener emailing me to complain that my laughter was too boisterous.
  2. Speaking before a packed lecture hall in his staccato-like voice, punctuated by rapid inhales, he cast a spell, making each listener believe he was speaking only to him or her.
  3. Number two, sometimes the listener hears what the listener wants to hear.


  1. Have you mastered the art of listening?

    Sheryl Connelly is a world-class listener, but there's much she says that should be listened to
    on June 12, 2013     Source: CBS News

  2. Vacation Horror Stories: Stranded, Splinters and Smells

    As part of our summer series, "Vacation Horror Stories," listener Erin Burke says her family is cursed with constant bad luck on its vacations: Rain on beach excursions, splinters in feet, locked vacation homes, and hotel rooms ripe with the smell of dead cats.
    on June 11, 2013     Source: NPR

  3. WWJ Listener Helps Baseball Team In Need Of Equipment

    Thanks to a generous listener who heard about the team's plight on WWJ, the baseball team at Communications and Media Arts High School in Detroit now own a few items from their wish list.
    on June 10, 2013     Source: CBS Detroit


  1. "In both careers, if you hit him in the head, he could hit you back twice as hard, but he didn't always do so," Tagliabue said. "He was very tough but also a good listener. He never lost sight of the interests of the game and the big...
    on Aug 21, 2008 By: Paul Tagliabue Source: Forbes

  2. "He's a great conversationalist and a good listener," says Richard Epstein, a law school professor who was not a close friend. "But he never tips his hand to what he thinks. You feel you're on stage and have to perform. ...... At the end of...
    on Aug 22, 2008 By: Richard Epstein Source: Monterey County Herald

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