leveler leveler


  • (n) a radical who advocates the abolition of social distinctions


  1. Death, normally the great leveler, had become the ennobler of the Kennedys.
  2. He is a fanatical leveler who hates rich people and despises success.
  3. So with an earth leveler, he pushed the soil into a 60-ft.


  • Pond levelers used with beaver habitat

    Leighton Blackwell, of Newport, installs a pond leveler that allows beavers to hide but doesn’t cause flooding on the road.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Newport News-Times


  1. "It's a great leveler," Bullock said. "If you don't show up for something like the Razzies then you're a little hypocritical. You can't just show up for the good stuff."
    on Mar 7, 2010 By: Sandra Bullock Source: MTV.com

  2. "Twenty20 could sound the death knell for test cricket but it could also prove to be the perfect vehicle for the expansion of the game into other countries," Bradshaw said. "The shorter the game, the greater the leveler - and Twenty20 is an...
    on Mar 25, 2010 By: Keith Bradshaw Source: Cricketnext.com

  3. "Getting married is probably the best thing I have ever done," said Rimes. "He's such a great leveler for me."
    on Sep 17, 2007 By: LeAnn Rimes Source: Earthtimes.org

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