leftfield leftfield


  1. (n) the piece of ground in the outfield on the catcher's left
  2. (n) the fielding position of the player on a baseball team who is expected to field balls in the left third of the outfield (looking from home plate)



  1. It was a home run into the leftfield bleachers.
  2. Four times he came to bat, four times he singled; twice he stole second, and once he went all the way from first to third on a hit to leftfield.
  3. He has learned to play line drives on the carom off Fenway Park's short leftfield wall, and his throwing arm is deadly.


  • Erykah Badu Loves You: A Conversation With the Artist

    Erykah Badu has mastered the modern art of giving interview. A mixture of wit and earnestness, of insight and leftfield references, hers is the kind of rare personality that should earn an open invitation to the talk-show circuit regardless of promo and just 'cuz, a la Amy Sedaris on Letterman . Badu is cool to death, she makes music that is cerebral, challenging and sometimes extra-terrestrial ...
    on June 11, 2013     Source: Gawker


  1. "We're going to put him in leftfield. We're going to leave him in leftfield," Piniella said Saturday. "It will be less running. He's OK with that."
    on Apr 22, 2007 By: Lou Piniella Source: Detroit Free Press

  2. "He told me it is better for me to move to leftfield just to recover my leg," Soriano said. "After that I don't know if he wants to leave me in leftfield or move me back to centerfield."
    on Apr 22, 2007 By: Alfonso Soriano Source: Detroit Free Press

  3. "It kind of came from leftfield, it was a surprise, but an opportunity like this doesn't come around very often, especially with the number one team in the world," McGee told AFP at the world road race cycling championships Thursday....
    on Sep 25, 2008 By: Bradley McGee Source: AFP

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