lechery lechery


  • (n) unrestrained indulgence in sexual activity


  1. The sex scenes flow from female passion and needs, not male lechery, and women tend to initiate the sex.
  2. And yet even in lechery he was completely charming.
  3. It had a coldblooded purpose: to persuade Spaniards that signing up for work in German munitions plants would be a short cut to a life of opulent lechery.


  • The Rough Intensity of Wild Beasts

    If you’re going to call your band Wild Beasts, your music better be intense. The indie-rock quartet from Kendal in northwest England that has given itself this mildly preposterous handle knows how to reach the necessary emotional level. Whether the mood is one of swooning romanticism, abject lechery or deep depression, Wild Beasts’ songs never go in for half measures. Hayden Thorpe, the more ...
    on March 5, 2014     Source: The New York Observer

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