lard lard  /ˈlɑrd/


  1. (n) soft white semisolid fat obtained by rendering the fatty tissue of the hog
  2. (v) prepare or cook with lard
  3. (v) add details to


  1. Plus, the film's mechanical whale, which looks like a great slab of lard with a cold blue eye, kept sinking when it was meant to swim.
  2. There was no butter, no lard, no coffee, little sugar.
  3. To be faithful to the book, Howard and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman had to lard the movie with giant extracts of religious arcana.


  • Tomato pie

    Serves 6 There are many variations of tomato pie, using an old-fashioned lard crust, as North Carolina resident Mindy Fitzpatrick does, or adding different cheeses, spices, vegetables, even meat. This version uses onion, cheddar, mozzarella, mayonnaise, fresh basil, and crushed Ritz crackers. Use your favorite pastry recipe or a ready-made frozen crust. You can also use 10 plum tomatoes for ...
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Boston Globe

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  1. Ronald Reagan vetoed a highway bill in 1987 because it was $10 billion above his limit and included 121 local projects - "I haven't seen this much lard since I handed out blue ribbons at the Iowa State Fair," Reagan said at the time.
    on May 26, 2005 By: Ronald Reagan Source: USA Today

  2. "This is the best REVCO album I've ever done," Al Jourgensen commented. "As a matter of fact, I think this is the best album - including MINISTRY, PAILHEAD, LARD - anything I've ever done, period. Production-wise, song-wise, I'm really,...
    on Mar 13, 2009 By: Al Jourgensen Source:

  3. "Speaking of lard, one of my favorite things to tell about my family when I (was) growing up was that we were pretty poor, and whatever brand name there was, we had the one that was a few cents cheaper," Thornton says. "So everybody used...
    on Feb 23, 2007 By: Billy Bob Thornton Source: Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

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