indisposed indisposed


  1. (adj) somewhat ill or prone to illness
  2. (adj) (usually followed by `to') strongly opposed


  1. Mubarak's diplomatic snubs are typically packaged in claims of being otherwise indisposed, although Powell read no negative message into the Egyptian president's begging off.
  2. It was his job to run out on the tennis court with smelling-salts when she felt indisposed.
  3. But their leader, Bo Pe Hla, made his excuses: he was indisposed.


  • Sheriff Napoleon makes his case

    Usually when we do these stories Sheriff Benny Napoleon is either too busy or otherwise indisposed and we usually get a written statement ...
    on September 7, 2013     Source: ClickOnDetroit


  1. "Ed is indisposed and working toward a better future here," Roth said. "If Ed ever dries up, this is going to be a stadium act, man:. What's happening here with this [New York event] is part and parcel of the same spiral that screwed up the...
    on Mar 8, 2007 By: David Lee Roth Source: Rolling Stone

  2. "Our prime minister is indisposed, hence I am receiving you," Mukherjee, the senior-most minister in the Union Cabinet, told the Kazakh President while greeting him.
    on Jan 24, 2009 By: Pranab Mukherjee Source: MSN India

  3. "The process was well and truly going to plan but John is now indisposed," Howard said last night. "It depends now on the speed of his recovery, which is not ideal for any of the candidates, but they do understand. Due to John and one or two...
    on Nov 10, 2007 By: Pat Howard Source:

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