impertinence impertinence


  1. (n) an impudent statement
  2. (n) the trait of being rude and impertinent; inclined to take liberties
  3. (n) inappropriate playfulness


  1. Some discothques allow their patrons to suggest tunes to the disquaire, but at many such an impertinence would be unthinkablelike asking Pablo Casals to play Melancholy Baby.
  2. In 1869, it seemed, some Harvard professor had come along to survey the Colorado Rockies, and with typical Ivy League impertinence had named a few of them.
  3. The impertinence of it was not to be endured.


  • Buy-and-Hold is Dead .... Long Live Buy-and-Hold

    In recent years, buy-and-hold has suffered its share of slings and arrows by those with novel theories. As an income investor, I bristle at the impertinence.
    on June 24, 2013     Source: Wyatt Investment Research via Yahoo! Finance


  1. In his "The Wealth of Nations," Adam Smith wrote: "It is the highest impertinence and presumption, therefore, in kings and ministers, to pretend to watch over the economy of private people, and to restrain their expense. . . . (Kings and ministers)...
    on May 30, 2007 By: Adam Smith Source: Human Events (blog)

  2. "America has taken upon itself to appoint a prime minister and a president of the nation under the cover of the United Nations," al-Sadr said in his message. "It has done that with impertinence and domination. The government must be elected...
    on Jun 4, 2004 By: Muqtada al-Sadr Source: USA Today

  3. "What an impertinence - and it is not likely to be forgotten by the American administration," McMahon said.
    on Apr 11, 2008 By: Billy McMahon Source: Melbourne Herald Sun

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