immobilize immobilize  /ɪ ˈmoʊ bə ˌlaɪz/


  1. (v) hold as reserve or withdraw from circulation; of capital
  2. (v) to hold fast or prevent from moving
  3. (v) make defenseless
  4. (v) convert (assets) into fixed capital
  5. (v) prohibit the conversion or use of (assets)
  6. (v) cause to be unable to move


Derived Word(s)


  1. Alligators are tough to handle because they are strong beasts, so you have to immobilize them.
  2. Animal venoms make particularly good sources of potential drugs because they are designed to kill or immobilize prey.
  3. The boots, though, are the kind that clamp onto a tire and will be used to immobilize the cars of egregiously deadbeat dads or moms.


  • The Border Patrol Wants to Arm Drones

    Documents obtained by the Electronic Frontier Foundation from the Department of Homeland Security's Customs and Border Patrol indicate that the agency is close to finalizing payload standards for its drone aircraft. Among the things the CBP wants to use in its unmanned aircraft: "non-lethal weapons designed to immobilize" targets.
    on July 2, 2013     Source: The Atlantic Wire via Yahoo! News


  1. "These illegal acts were clearly attacking our national security, committed by true traitors who have no respect for others or for the country," Calderon said. "Those who believe they can use fear to hold our society hostage and immobilize us...
    on Sep 16, 2008 By: President Felipe Calderón Source:

  2. "Taking off my socks hurts," Jones said. "Everything bugs you. If I bend my hand all the way back or down, I feel it. And every time you feel it, it's hurting it a little bit more. That's why I'm trying to immobilize it as much as possible."
    on Jun 5, 2007 By: Chipper Jones Source:

  3. "We're not giving him a cane, a walking boot or immobilize the leg," Crennel said. "They (doctors) are going to clean the joint out. There's some loose cartilage so they're going to clean it out. It's a normal procedure in football."
    on Aug 1, 2007 By: Romeo Crennel Source: USA Today

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