hatpin hatpin


  • (n) a long sturdy pin used by women to secure a hat to their hair


  1. Levine had crammed it with hatpin-sharp caricatures, all bathed in a rich and suitably waxen light.
  2. Like Bruce, Shawn clearly relishes casual irreverence, pungent social commentary and the hatpin thrust that punctures hypocrisy and pomposity.
  3. But on she goes, stabbing her victims with repeated thrusts of her vindictive hatpin.


  • Mystery photo

    We didn't receive any guesses for last week's Mystery Photo. It is a type of hatpin called a trembler or a nodder. These are among the more unusual and whimsical kinds of hatpins. Probably the hardest
    on February 8, 2014     Source: Post-Bulletin

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