flap flap  /f ˈlæp/


  1. (n) any broad thin and limber covering attached at one edge; hangs loose or projects freely
  2. (n) an excited state of agitation
  3. (n) the motion made by flapping up and down
  4. (n) a movable piece of tissue partly connected to the body
  5. (n) a movable airfoil that is part of an aircraft wing; used to increase lift or drag
  6. (v) move in a wavy pattern or with a rising and falling motion
  7. (v) move noisily
  8. (v) move with a thrashing motion
  9. (v) move with a flapping motion
  10. (v) make a fuss; be agitated
  11. (v) pronounce with a flap, of alveolar sounds

Derived Word(s)


  1. Just as sure as Washington's cherry trees produce cherry blossoms, the Kennedy Administration was bound to be embarrassed by a first flap.
  2. Chances are good he'll make it through this latest flap as well.
  3. And, indeed, the flap could still be a danger to him in a possible general election.


  1. Russ Lemmon: All eyes will be on Fletcher, Carroll at this week's Vero Beach council meeting | Video, Photo gallery

    In the Vero Beach City Council's first meeting since the flap over a proclamation for Humanist Recognition Week, all eyes will be on Craig Fletcher and Tracy Carroll. Will they publicly apologize to Phil Katrovitz for the way they treated him?
    on June 18, 2013     Source: Indian River Press Journal

  2. Questions persist about NSA surveillance

    CNET Update wants answers: In this episode of Update: - Get up to speed on the latest developments in the NSA spying flap and how it extends to contents of U.S. phone calls . Apple, Microsoft and Facebook are only able to disclose limited details on government requests for customer … Originally posted at CNET Update
    on June 18, 2013     Source: CNET

  3. Woodland trustees move Community Day School back to old location

    A minor flap over a school for troubled kids housed at Dingle Elementary resolved itself Thursday when trustees voted to move the school.Community Day School, or CDS, is a district-run program designed for grade-school students with behavioral issues who aren't getting along in a typical classroom
    on June 16, 2013     Source: The Daily Democrat


  1. "They're just trying to take safety measures," Bowa said. "I prefer to wear an insert. With an ear flap, I would definitely think it would be a hindrance, it would get in the way."
    on Nov 7, 2007 By: Larry Bowa Source: USA Today

  2. "It hit me partly on the back of the head and partly on the helmet where the ear flap is nonexistent. That's why I'm going to press charges on him," said Piazza, who homered in the fifth inning. "It was a gutless move, but what are you going...
    on Jul 25, 2007 By: Mike Piazza Source: FOXSports.com

  3. "As happened before the last election, the 2004 election, whatever is said before the election, we know one thing for certain - what they say before the election will turn turtle after the election," Mr Rudd said. "We've got flip, flop, flap...
    on Feb 18, 2008 By: Kevin Rudd Source: Camden Advertiser

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