draughts draughts  /d ˈræfts/


  • (n) a checkerboard game for two players who each have 12 pieces; the object is to jump over and so capture the opponent's pieces


  1. Rising sea levels, hordes of refugees, parching draughts: Call it a docu-trauma.
  2. Out of the fullness of their knowledge, in voices thickened by many draughts of Seltzer-water and orange juice, they spoke.
  3. On summer evenings in Italy, the crowds jostle into the famous outdoor arenasRome's Baths of Caracalla, Naples' Arena Flegreato inhale great draughts of Verdi.


  • Things to do and see, Nov. 1-7

    Steven Curtis Chapman at Shandon Baptist Church; Arts & Draughts at Museum of Art; Cedric the Entertainer
    on November 1, 2013     Source: The State

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  1. "With him out we don't have a low-post presence and we had to make shots and it was very difficult for us early on," said Pitino. "We go into these offensive draughts and it hurts us a little bit. We were playing a bad tempo, playing great...
    on Feb 8, 2009 By: Rick Pitino Source: InsideTheVille.com (subscription)

  2. "The fact is that, for many households, the assessor will identify simple, low-cost actions like changing light globes, sealing draughts and repairing leaking taps," Mr Garrett said.
    on May 8, 2009 By: Peter Garrett Source: Sydney Morning Herald

  3. "Europe and Africa face the impacts of climate change such as floods, more frequent windstorms, draughts and water shortage. Africa is region affected by climate change and other environmental damage such as land degradation, deforestation or air...
    on Feb 19, 2009 By: Martin Bursik Source: EU2009.cz

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