disregarding disregarding  /ˌdɪs rɪ ˈɡɑr dɪŋ/


  • (adv) in spite of everything; without regard to drawbacks


  1. Others say Duterte has achieved his results at a grim price, disregarding due process and anointing himself legislator, judge, juryand possibly executionerall at once.
  2. For some reason our society constantly and greedily demands to know about what is wrong, while disregarding or belittling everything that is positive.
  3. Imprudently disregarding warning signs, he leaned against the bars of Gargantua's cage to rest.


  1. Editorial: Trailer bill reform is long overdue

    Following a statewide outcry, it now appears the Assembly will redo Assembly Bill 76 so that local governments won't have the option of disregarding open records laws. That's a good step. Senate leaders want to enshrine the Public Records Act in the state constitution. That's also a good step. Yet these proposals don't deal with the larger problem of murky budget trailer bills loaded with ...
    on June 20, 2013     Source: The Sacramento Bee

  2. Schueller faces long list of charges

    A Sussex County Grand Jury indicted Schueller April 8 on 18 charges related to a crime spree, police chase and alleged threat toward a police officer before the incident ended with the officer's gunshot. Schueller was charged with aggravated menacing, possession of a deadly weapon during the commission of a felony, disregarding a police officer signal, leaving the scene of property collision ...
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Cape Gazette

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