devilry devilry


  1. (n) wicked and cruel behavior
  2. (n) reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others


  1. All the fiendish devilry in the gangs was said to emanate from her.
  2. Even in the midst of the devilry, some of the soldiers knew their behavior was wrong.
  3. A small friend from down the street joined the sandy-haired boys, and the three quickly conjured up some devilry.


  • S.C. Republicans, lesbians, and the infantilization of young adults

    Fuck Harry Potter. There, I said it. Fuck Harry Potter and all of his wand-waving friends. Because of him America is under a dastardly spell, and it's one that's every bit as nasty as a cruciatus curse. It's a horribly nasty bit of devilry that has somehow convinced us that it's OK for young adults to read books written for pre-teens. more…
    on April 15, 2014     Source: Charleston City Paper


  1. "For my money I think it's a completely insane way to go," said Gross. "Because a show like that has a brand. People come to view it with certain expectations and when there isn't any devilry and there's very little witchcraft. And so, I'm...
    on Jan 30, 2010 By: Paul Gross Source:

  2. "The sheer devilry of this," Powell concluded, "verged upon the disgusting."
    on Sep 25, 2007 By: Enoch Powell Source:

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