bulbar bulbar


  • (adj) involving the medulla oblongata


  1. Understandably, physicians have mistaken these disorders for signs of epilepsy, tetanus, bulbar polio and encephalitis.
  2. In 1961 he suffered the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis, a swelling of the optic nerve known as retro-bulbar opticneuritis.
  3. Some doctors thought it was bulbar polio; others considered it meningitis.


  • Mutant protein in muscle linked to neuromuscular disorder

    Spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy (SBMA) is a rare inherited neuromuscular disorder characterized by slowly progressive muscle weakness and atrophy. In a new study, a team of scientists say novel mouse studies indicate that mutant protein levels in muscle cells are fundamentally involved in SBMA, suggesting an alternative and promising new avenue of treatment.
    on April 17, 2014     Source: Science Daily

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